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The Queen Mary

fun things to do in Long Beach California

The Queen Mary, an iconic maritime marvel in Long Beach, is a legendary ocean liner transformed into a captivating museum, hotel, and entertainment hub. With its art deco elegance and rich history, the ship offers a voyage into the past. Explore its decks, from opulent staterooms to historic exhibits, revealing its grandeur and role as a World War II troopship. Enjoy fine dining, ghost tours, and stunning harbor views. Preserving the allure of a bygone era, the Queen Mary stands as a timeless symbol of luxury, adventure, and maritime heritage, inviting visitors to experience history in an immersive and unforgettable way.


The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach, California, because of its rich maritime history and its transformation into a tourist attraction, hotel, and museum after its retirement from active service.

After serving as a transatlantic ocean liner for several decades, the Queen Mary was retired from passenger service in 1967 due to the decline in demand for transatlantic travel by sea. With the rise of faster and more convenient air travel, traditional ocean liners like the Queen Mary became less economically viable.

Long Beach, known for its harbor and maritime heritage, saw an opportunity to preserve this iconic ship and transform it into a tourist destination. The city acquired the Queen Mary in 1967 and has since worked to maintain and showcase its historic significance.

The ship’s strategic location in Long Beach allowed it to be docked permanently, enabling the development of its current role as a hotel, museum, and entertainment complex. The Queen Mary’s history as both a luxury liner and a troop transport during World War II, coupled with its unique art deco design, made it an appealing attraction for visitors interested in maritime history, architecture, and the glamour of the past.

Queen Mary’s presence in Long Beach has not only preserved a significant piece of maritime history but has also contributed to the city’s cultural and economic landscape. It offers visitors a chance to step back in time, experience a luxurious journey of the past, and learn about the ship’s multifaceted history through interactive exhibits and guided tours.

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